Even the Best Internet Business Needs Protection – Best Home Business Ideas

Do you want the Best Internet Business? That is undoubtedly a business that has helped and may help to change your life for the better from a financial perspective at least.

Do you know that the best home business ideas are not only those that can make you money, but may also save you money? One of the best business ideas is to protect your online business you have toiled over and that has turned the corner for you generating online income.

We all realize that any brick and mortar business, asset or property needs protection both physically and covered by adequate insurance. Your online business is just as vulnerable to damage and loss.

Not a single day goes by that online hackers and malicious individuals do not wreak havoc on websites and blogs, from large corporations to the most insignificant online home business blog. You will be shocked when you do a Google search and read peoples experience with hacked and infected sites.

In this article I wish to share the most distressing situation that can arise when infection reaches your computer or best internet business blog and how you need to simply prevent such an occurrence outright following a few simple daily routines.

1. Hacking:

Hacking of your blog/website or home computer is occurs when:

You simply accept emails from an unknown source, particularly those accompanied by an attachment. One very powerful and serious type comes in the form of “USPS Undelivered Mail” email. This monster takes over your computer, disables all exe files including browsers and claims to be the good guy that has arrived to rid your computer of malware. Lays down more than 2500 variants of infection that includes spyware. The designers of this destructive code masks its components using familiar terms and names such as Mediaplex, Adbrite, Win32popup, Bustmedia, Rightmedia and Statcounterupdate to name but a few.

Hacking of your website occurs and is possible using known weaknesses with certain blog platforms like WordPress and sites built using Windows applications and Frontpage.

Please, for no moment am I suggesting that these platforms are typical targets or indefensible or more prone to hacking. I will deal with that in a moment.

2. Viral Infection and Spyware/Malware

These infections are typically found with downloads and free software that come in zipped form. This downloads all have an exe file which is a perfect launching pad for hatchlings and spyware.

What is the result of hacking or Infection?

Chaos, my friend chaos. With a home PC, technicians may run an assortment of removal programs but some files may be damaged and valuable information gets lost. The problem is that with some files you only realize it is gone when you get around to use it again.

Infection on your blog or website may only manifest itself some time after it occurred. In most cases it occurs when loading new plugins or making coding changes. Infection of our blog is easily achieved via your FTP Client.

Now here is the problem, despite having daily backups, you do not know when it occurred and restoring brings temporary peace of mind, only to re-appear 1 week later. It does not manifest itself on the server like Linux when these infections are typical Windows-based.

You may end up having to turf all data, delete the site on the server and rebuild your blog.

How do I prevent Destruction of my Best Internet Business?

All software developers are constantly improving software and regular security updates are down loadable.

Keep your PC operating system up to date and use auto-update configuration
Invest in paid versions of PC security/Internet software that includes variant updates and keep these on auto-update.
Use all available security and bullet proofing plugins on WordPress, such as a Firewall and plugins that re-writing htaccess file. Most free versions are excellent.
Change server and admin passwords regularly and preferably use system generated passwords that contain uppercase, lower case and symbols. Most cPanels have a password generation facility that will take any hacker weeks to decode.
Perform Daily backups on blog as well as a simple occasional file export to test on you PC
Keep your blog theme up to date and install auto-update plugins with WordPress that will do the job for you.
Perform daily PC scans as well as a specific spyware scan.
Do not accept and open emails from sources unfamiliar to you. Google free mail is excellent in spotting and catching emails that come from dodgy sites or where malware and infection has originated.
When you switch on your PC, ensure that security shields are operational before checking mail or launching browser.
Before uploading zipped files to blog or storage such as Amazons3, unzip and test reaction of your PC security software.
Prevention is better than cure and please consider these best home business ideas to protect your best internet business. Always practice due diligence with freebies. You can never do enough.

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